a Fallout 4 Automatron demake for the Gameboy Color

My entry for GB Compo 23

This game is only compatible with the Gameboy Color.


A/B: Fire (Hold to keep shooting in the same direction)
Start: Pause
D-Pad: Walk (8-directions)

Rescue Wastelanders early in the game to gain extra lives and a score bonus modifier. 


Fight endless hordes of rogue robots, save wastelanders and get insulted by Insult Bot!

Can you reason with the Mechanist or will this end in bloodshed? You can worry about it later, first there are hordes of robots to scrap!

Character portraits made with a modified Gameboy Camera and Fallout miniatures by Modiphius Entertainment. (More on the process later.)

Roadmap (without order):

  • more boss fights
  • wave progression with more robot types
  • printable photos fitting the setting
  • personal terminal - meta game information


Updated 12 days ago
Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, fallout, Game Boy, gbcompo23, Robots, Top down shooter


Download 256 kB


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Hey fellow players like myself, as of 8/31 1:57 PM EST, the fire key is J and the movement controls are WASD and arrow keys for keyboards. Fire direction is based on the last movement direction you went and if you moved diagonally it fires diagonally. I found it easier to hold still and fire as they come to me.